Information Technology
As Information Technology continues to evolve across the world, the overall priority and importance have also grown, which is where we begin to see the pressure on global IT-Leaders to be ahead in this race. There is a growing demand in every domain, be it application support, cloud computing, mobility, or security. Our professionals connect clients with IT talent across a variety of positions and skills, ranging from programmers and network specialists to security engineers and web developers.

We deliver in:

○ Web & Application Services

○ Cloud & Infrastructure Management

○ Data Management

○ Network & Cyber Security

○ Technology Consulting

Health Care & Pharma
At one end there are advanced medical devices, qualified medical professionals, and wellequipped hospitals and clinics, at the other end there is the rising cost of medical care, In the midst of all, there are lives whose hopes and struggles totally depend on how efficiently the healthcare companies combat the healthcare challenges and reduce this contrast to deliver better medical care. Companies are not only investing in their internal R&D productivity, on the same hand they are concentrating more on reducing expenses as well, especially in business practices such as sales, marketing, procurement, supply chain, and manufacturing.

We deliver in:

○ Statistical Analysis Plan

○ CDISC Services (SDTM and ADaM)

○ SAS Programming

○ Regulatory Compliance services

○ Claims processing solutions

○ Management and operational reporting.

Engineering Services
The technology is rapidly shifting to the cloud, mobile, artificial intelligence, and IoT-based connected devices, enabling businesses to accelerate product development/ modernization, digitization, reduce cost, and improve customer experience. Steneral Consulting’s Engineering Services offers end-to-end capabilities across the product development lifecycle from conceptual design services to production (SOP) to help customers reduce design turnaround time and improve manufacturing efficiencies by leveraging digital technologies to drive innovation and explore new markets.

We deliver in:

○ Product engineering

○ Electrical Engineering

○ Civil Engineering

○ Mechanical Engineering

○ Automotive Engineering.